[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase / insert errors..

Kevin J. Slater kslater at pobox.com
Tue Mar 18 12:04:12 UTC 2003

Is there a list somewhere of tv capture cards that are known to
work with btaudio?  For instance I have 2 Hauppauge cards,
a Win TV-PCI 404 (the non-stereo, non-fm model) and
a Win TV-PCI 401 (the stereo/FM model).

I have not been able to get the 404 to work with btaudio,
but the 401 stereo model works very well.  And the sound
quality is SO much better than using a sound card.

2nd question...
There are several specs I've seen that the same WinTV series
only has capture resolution of 320x240.  I can't say I know
for a fact if this is correct in Linux or not.  Does anyone know
for sure.  I know I can set myth higher, but is the card really
giving the higher resolution?

Now I'm shopping around for a good mate to the 401 card,
but hopefully with full resolution support and btaudio.
And now combine these two, any recomendations for a good
btaudio supported card with full 640x480 NTSC capture resolution?


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