[mythtv-users] mythgame / NES / fceu question

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Tue Mar 18 00:34:52 UTC 2003

If you send me your xmltv output for tv_grab_sn, then I'll try to
write a patch that merges it into the schema and mythfilldatabase.
It's possible that the tv_grab_sn isn't producing ratings.  I dunno.

It is a known "feature" that the content-rating-systems are sorted
lexically rather than by importance.  As long as tv_grab_na was the
only grabber supported, I didn't think Isaac would accept a patch
that used an enum to represent the rating-system.

Using an enum would let us select the most relevant content-rating
for a program, regardless of the varied lexical sorting of rating-
system names between grabber locales.

#if Martin Moeller /* Mar 16, 15:50 */
> How does this rating work? Is it specific to tv_grab_na? I haven't seen
> any ratings using tv_grab_sn at least... Is it using some information
> that the xml file provides or getting it somewhere else?
#endif /* martin at martinm-76.dk */

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