[mythtv-users] Really Dumb question

Malcolm Wotton malcolmwotton at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 16 10:19:09 UTC 2003

I've got my system back on its feet again and now TV works (Thanks Ray).
I've done all the building and configuration (I think) but I must have
missed something pretty big as I don't appear to have mythbackend at all.

I have mythfrontend, and from there I can see the program guide etc, so the
system is operating at a basic level, but if I can't get a copy of
mythbackend then it's never going to fly.

Where should I start looking to trace this problem? Is mythbackend a real
executable? or a script that starts another executable with special
configuaration parameters? Where should it get built?

Thanks in advance for all help :)


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