[mythtv-users] re: EPIA M-9000 Notes and Questions..

Kevin J. Slater kslater at pobox.com
Wed Mar 12 19:12:39 UTC 2003

Made more progress last night with my EPIA rig. Got the channel changing script
working like a champ. I think I might add a command to turn on the rx before
every channel change as I want to make sure it's on for a late night recording
in case it gets turned off. (Which would be ironic because I'm the only one who
turns it off up to now!)

I still don't get how to use recording profiles, but I do see that Live TV and
Default affect Live TV (imagine!) and Recording respectively.

Was able to do Live TV with 352 x 240 resolution. CPU utilization totalled
around 85% most of the time.

Is there a place where all the key mappings are detailed? I'm sure this software
can do things that I don't know about. (For example, how do I join a recording
that is in progress, in effect switching over to LiveTV from just Recording?)

Woo Hoo!


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