[mythtv-users] Red Hat and mythmusic

Brent Hills bhills at openshores.com
Wed Mar 12 04:23:58 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 10:58, Cedar McKay wrote:
I too use Red Hat 8.0
> I used the Red Hat supplied packages for the following:
> Vorbis included in distro: libvorbis-1.0-1, libvorbis-devel-1.0-1, 
> vorbis-tools-1.0-1
> cdparanoia included in distro: cdparanoia-libs-alpha9.8-11, 
> cdparanoia-devel-alpha9.8-11, cdparanoia-alpha9.8-11
> OpenGL included with distro
> SDL included with distro

I use all the same versions above with no issues.

> I installed from source the latest versions of the following:
> MAD installed from src, no errors
> FLAC installed from src, no errors
> libcaudio installed from src, no errors
> fftw installed from src, no errors

libcdaudio had a one liner patch that made it more usable and effected a
lot of things.  The last update at sourceforge version 0.99.9 includes
the patch.

I don't use fftw and forgo that visualization.  

I enjoy using mythmusic and look forward to seeing it progress.

Brent Hills.

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