[mythtv-users] Control from a different machine

Bruce C. Dillahunty bdillahu at peachbush.com
Tue Mar 11 21:57:28 UTC 2003

OK, maybe I'm missing the obvious, but here's what I want to do... any 
suggestions how?

I have a backend server machine with capture card and TV out... works 
fine. I can (kind of) get the IR remote working, but its a pain due to 
physical limitations (short cable, etc.).

I have a little "net appliance" machine I picked up a year or so ago (LCD 
screen, wireless keyboard/mouse, diskless). I have it running a linux 
flavor that can get on the net.

What I want is to have the extended program guide (just the normal one... 
no TV out required) showing on that screen at any time I want to control 
the mythtv... have that keyboard/mouse send its signals to the mythtv box 
and change channels, etc. Then I can have a little display right on the 
"coffee table" with the showtimes, etc., and can switch around as desired.

Any suggestions? I can't think of a way to have the program guide stuff be 
up and still control the other backend, but maybe I'm just confused.



Bruce C. Dillahunty
Peachbush Enterprises
bdillahu at peachbush.com

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