[mythtv-users] changing channels problem

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Tue Mar 11 04:22:23 UTC 2003

I plan to finish a patch tonight that will change the tuning and inputs
code so that it plays nicely with multiple inputs, external channel
changing, multiple video sources (thus multiple program lists), et cetera.

#if Vincent AE Scott /* Mar 11, 03:18 */
> I've got mythtv setup now, and i've been trying to get it working
> properly.  my current problem lies with channel up/down not working.
> Pressing either brings up the OSD, without any actual channel data.
> I was thinking it might be due to my particular setup, its an analogue
> cable feed from NTL (UK supplier).  So the capture card only has to tune
> in to one station, and then run an external program to change the
> channel.  Upon startup, mythtv fails to set the initial station on the
> tuner card, the correct value is in the database.  i have to run
> xawtv before running myth, so the channel is correctly set.
> Does anyone else have myth setup in the UK with an external receiver?
> if so, how have you done it, and does your channel data appear correctly
> when you press up/down?  The EPG data has been downloaded, and displays
> fine when scheduling recordings, but not when trying to switch channels
> from live tv.
#endif /* mythtv at codex.dyndns.tv */

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