[mythtv-users] Dual Tuner with one PCI slot?

Risto Treksler risto at elkhornbanff.ca
Wed Mar 12 08:52:06 UTC 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Sunday 09 March 2003 03:47 pm, Cedar McKay wrote:
>>shit, disregard my last post. I hit the send before I was finished
>>composing. freeplayTV is indeed based on mythtv, but as far as I know
>>they were never successful in getting anything actually working. The
>>site seems pretty dead now too. I also distrust the motives of the
>>freeplayTV guy. Instead of contributing video export stuff to mythtv he
>>seemed to have tried to re-brand mythtv as his own, add a couple of
>>export scripts and then sell machines based on that. To be fair the
>>thought of selling premade machines has crossed my mind, but the
>>rebranding, and failure to contribute the the main mythtv project
>>annoyed me.
> The guy actually unsubscribed from this list and announced his own PVR project 
> back in December, I believe.  The initial project announcement said that it 
> was supposed to have its first release around now, actually, but he took that 
> announcement off of his webpage a while ago =)

I feel guilty. I flamed him on the two points Cedar mentions
and he kind of went off in a huff. He claimed that he wanted to
sell these boxes as a non-profit humanitarian act. However, all
indications were that he was more interested in refocusing
attention to his project name and himself than he was interested
in contributing to a collaborative project.

--  bjm

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