[mythtv-users] I just Installed Mythtv from CVS! It's great! I am working on mpeg2 export!

mythtwouser at cyph.org mythtwouser at cyph.org
Sun Mar 9 19:22:38 UTC 2003

	I seem to remember a project that add similar if not the same 
features. You might want to check out freeplayTV i think thats what it
is called. I beleive that it uses MythTV but also adds some other things.

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Jerry Normandin wrote:

> Hi Everyone!
>     I just installed mythtv from cvs. It's great!!  I've  configured in 
> mythweather, mythgallery, and mythgames! All work great!  I am 
> going to add snes9x support for games as well as create a video
> export module for mythtv (unless anyone else is working on that).
> My goal is to get mpeg2 files dumped to dvd. I am creating DVD movies
> from family video from DV format.  At first I will be working with nuv files 
> with uncompressed audio (native nuv) since I have made dvd disks from
> nucrec before. In fact I will include the simple C script that does this.
> For now I am creating 2 pass DIVX disks and playing them back with
> my Sega Dream Cast (Cool!) 
> What I will be doing is adding a mythtv module for video export.  I don't
> know how long it qwill be since spring is around the corner and I am working
> on the old homestead plus work.  But I will be working on this.  For now
> here's the simple script to create a mpeg2 file from a nuv file.  After you 
> create your mpeg2 files you can use dvdauthor tools to create the dvd data
> ready for mkisofs to create an iso of the dvd.
> Here's my mkdvd script.
> #!/bin/sh
> echo "you have choosen to make a VCD compliant MPEG stream"
> echo "please notice that VBR MPEG streams can have the same"
> echo "visual quality with lower/low bitrates too (like divx)"
> echo ""
> # nuvplay -e $1.nuv | toolame -b 224 -p 2 -m s /dev/stdin $1.mp2
> # exportvideo -Y 2 $1.nuv "|mpeg2enc -b 1152 -G 15 -g 15 -N -o $1.m1v"
> exportvideo -Y 2 -G 720x480 $1.nuv "|mpeg2enc -I 2 -f 8  -o $1.m2v"
> # exportvideo -Y 2 $1.nuv "|mpeg2enc -m 2 -f 3 -b 2500 -G 15 -g 15  -o $1.m1v"
> mplex -f 8 -V -b 500 -o $1.mpg $1.m2v $1.mp2
> The above would make a mpeg2 video from a nuv file with uncompressed audio.
> I am still working on exporting compressed audio.
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