[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase error

Pierre-Olivier Bouchard petecool at vl.videotron.ca
Sun Mar 9 18:17:30 UTC 2003

Mike Wood <mike at woodsnest.com> wrote:

> Still working through my initial setup of MythTV and I've got an error 
> in filling the database.  Mythfilldatabase runs through all my stations 
> and they look good, but then after its done with the stations, I get a 
> segmentation error.  I'm guessing that's when its trying to load the 
> database.  Does MythTV need to be added to Mysql as a user?  Is that my 
> problem?  If so, what's the easiest way to do that?
> When I try to run mythfrontend, it comes up fine, but Watch TV locks up 
> and if I go to Record a show, Myth just quits and the console says there 
> is nothing in the database.  That's what has me thinking the fill 
> process is crashing just before it actually writes the data to the database.
> Mike

Please read and understand the docs before doing anything else...
They're here: http://mythtv.org/modules.php?name=MythInstall


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