[mythtv-users] Increased CPU load whilst recording?

Dave dave_fluff at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 20:32:30 UTC 2003

I currently have Mythtv .7 running on two machines.  The first more
powerful machine is an amd xp 2400 while the other is a celeron 566. The
amd machine is a full mythtv machine while the celeron machine has the
watch tv and scheduled recordings disabled. Both share the mysql
database on the amd machine.  The celeron machine basically plays back
shows recorded on the amd machine via a homepna network. It can also
delete shows and schedule shows.  It does not have a tv card or any v4l
device. The setup works well. I was wondering if It is possible to put a
tv card in the celeron machine and enable live tv functionality saving
the buffer to its local hard disk while at the same time having access
to the amd machine's recorded shows. If this can be done on multiple
"mythtv .7 frontends" then I can have a network where video is stored on
a single machine and each machine will have an independent live tv
feature (and will not depend on wether the main backend tuner is busy or
not- i think the next release allows the frontends to access the live tv
function on the backend tuner - i could be wrong).   I am not a
programmer but looking at main.cpp in mythfrontend, it seems that 
besides specifying a local directory for the live tv buffer and a remote
directory for the recorded shows in settings.txt , I just need to
comment out line 161 of main.cpp. Will this work?  I think the cpu is
adequate at 566 overclockable to 850.  Thanks

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