[mythtv-users] multiple frontends single backend

Bryce C Plug at bryceco.net
Sat Mar 8 05:59:31 UTC 2003

Not quite sure I understand how you're trying to set this up (I
understand what you want) but have you tried setting the IP address in
backend.txt to that of your dual p3? Also, don't start mythbackend on
the frontend computers.
Isaac, have you fixed the hard-coded localhost address in the
mythfrontend code?

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 22:40, Matthew Brichacek wrote:
> Hello,
> 	Right now I have a dual P3 setup to do my backend stuff.  I am trying to 
> setup some frontends that have no tv cards.  Every time I try to setup the 
> backend server to be a slave it complains about no video devices, if I put in 
> a fake one of course it can't get to it.
> How do I make the slave backend ignore the fact that I have no tuners?
> I can get this setup to work if I ssh forwrd ports 6544 and 6543.
> Thanks
> Matt
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