[mythtv-users] Other Hardware questions. (was: Radio tuner cards?)

Bryce C Plug at bryceco.net
Fri Mar 7 04:34:12 UTC 2003

I know the CMI8738 chip works.  There is even a program called cmictl to
edit the memory registers of the chip. A.k.a. change settings.  The chip
also does digital stuff as in optical and d.coax but I haven't had a lot
of time to test them but they do work.
The chip is on cards marked as "6 channel" and similar and it'll say
"CMI8738" on it.
Have fun.

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 06:43, barryc wrote:
> >Found this. It's cheap, old, ISA and supported by the kernel.
> >ADS Cadet PC Radio RDX-1187- Radio Input Adapter ISA-Plug-In Card (FM/AM
> >RBDS)
> >http://www.meritline.com/adscaddatrad.html
> Sweet.  Just what I was looking for.
> Now I just need to decide on a good quad-channel sound card with good linux 
> support, and then find the time when I can start working on the machine I want 
> to build to replace the stereo in my car.
> On a somewhat related note, (I say somewhat, because this is a feature I'd like 
> to see in the home-stereo based system I'm contemplating, too) Does Myth have 
> any support for displaying info on an LCD module? (connected via 
> serial/parallel/usb)  
> It'd be nice to have a display on the front of the box (not on the screen) 
> telling you what channel you're watching/recording, what MP3 you're playing, 
> what track on the CD you're on and where within that song you are, (min:sec) 
> etc.
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