[mythtv-users] Darwin, anyone?

Ryan A. Carris rac at racarris.com
Fri Mar 7 01:03:35 UTC 2003

Micah Morton wrote:
> Thats a good question... I'd be very curious to see how it would work on a
> Mac.. Assuming hardware became supported for the Mac, I don't see why not.
> However, has anybody gotten it working on FreeBSD?  That would be the
> first step to tackle as MacOS-X is based on the FreeBSD kernel.
> --Micah
Oh boy, not to start a war, but:
Mac OS-X kernel is based on a Mach Kernel, not the FreeBSD kernel.  The 
Mac OS-X userland and lots of other stuff is based on FreeBSD.

Yes, someone is sort-of working on this. See

But since MythTV relies heavily on Video4Linux, I don't see how they are 
ever going to get it working without getting something like Video4Linux 
working.  I would really love it if they could get it to work, since I 
really love FreeBSD, but my hope is low and therefore I'm learning Linux.


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