[mythtv-users] Mplayer + MythTV patch for RTjpeg

Andrew M. Bishop amb at gedanken.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 8 11:35:49 UTC 2003

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 10:14:48AM -0800, Ray Olszewski wrote:
> Maybe, maybe not ... depends on the speed of the connection and the 
> hardware involved. SSH tunneling adds some overhead, of course, but these 
> factors apply to the performance of any remote-X connection. Personally, 
> I'd worry about this (a lot) at 802.11b speeds, but not at 100 Mbps unless 
> the network had very heavy traffic loads (not typical in home settings).

SSH also adds a lot of processing overhead.  It may not matter, but if
you are trying to max out the performance, it could be the difference
between working and not working.  ssh -c blowfish is supposedly
On this really slow laptop(p120) forwarding X with ssh is almost
unbearable, while plain X or vnc is at least usable.

> A more fundamental concern I have about any remote-X connection, tunneled 
> or not, is how well (or even whether) xVideo extensions work in such a 
> setting. Does anyone here have actual experience with this?

xvideo won't work at all over the network, you will just get a solid
colored window, usually blue.  This can be good or bad, depending on how
you look at it.  I sometimes use this laptop as a remote using krfb.
While watching tv it just displays a blue screen, but if I bring up the
program guide or anything else, it will display on the laptop too.


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