[mythtv-users] Current CVS setup segfault

Dave dave_fluff at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 11:50:09 UTC 2003

I noticed that xine has the suport for Xshm and SDL.. Any plans to offer
support in this fasion (I noticed that for some reason, Xv seems to run
_exteremly_ slow on my AIW Radeon, but sdl must be doing something with
the signal that ATI cards like).

Perhaps one effort to be made could be adding support for xine output
plugins.. T'would make things a bit simpler, no?

Just a suggestion :)

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Your right.  Watching TV over a remote X connection didn't work until
yesterday.  Andy Davidoff just added support for non-xv displays to the
CVS.  However, since there is no hardware acceleration, the CPU running
myth (the XClient) gets taxed heavily.


Ray Olszewski said:
> A more fundamental concern I have about any remote-X connection, 
> tunneled  or not, is how well (or even whether) xVideo extensions work

> in such a  setting. Does anyone here have actual experience with this?

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