[mythtv-users] Gentoo vs. Debian

Unit3 unit3 at demoni.ca
Thu Mar 6 18:55:10 UTC 2003

Jeremy Oddo wrote:

>Debian seems solid and well respected...but it seems a little less
>"polished".  Debian seems to be geared more towards the hacker and power
>user group.  It's development cycle also seems a little slower.
>Gentoo offers some cool features and has a very clean look.  The
>development seems to be a little faster than that of Debian.  It also
>seems to get a lot of positive marks from users.
>Then again...I could be wrong ;)
I'd say your assessment is probably correct, Debian is usually thought 
of as the developer's or power user's distro, and it's currently my 
distro of choice. I haven't used Gentoo much, but I get the impression 
that its development cycle is a little faster at the cost of 
integration. Plus the fact that Gentoo always compiles everything from 
source can be viewed as good or bad, depending on your viewpoint and the 
speed of the machine you're using. ;)

I'd say, why not try both? Burn an install CD for Debian, and one for 
Gentoo, and try the install process (and mythtv setup) for both, and see 
which you like better. It'll probably only take an afternoon to do both, 
and then you'll know. :)

If you don't want to take the time, I'd say Gentoo will probably end up 
being slightly faster (compiling everything for your machine), but that 
there's a far larger help base if things go wonky if you're using Debian.


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