[mythtv-users] rpms for Mandrake

Micah Morton micah at oregontech.net
Thu Mar 6 16:37:01 UTC 2003

PuTTY is a Windows app.. So, that means that you are controlling your
mythbox via PuTTY on a WINDOWS box in another room... Of COURSE it will
not work. unless you type "mythtv --display=localhost:0.0" or something. 
In order for that to work, you must be ssh'd in on a linux to linux setup,
with port forwarding turned ON for X11.. and you have to have X on BOTH
machines. Just typing xeyes, or "gedit", or "whateverxapp you want to
run".  None of those will probably work, as it will try and run it on your
existing screen.. which does not have an xserver...

grrr... and please... change KDE so as to log in as "mythtv" or whatever
INSTEAD of root.

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>> Yeah, I have computer in living room right now and I
>> do most of work from machine in another room. I use
>> program called Putty which does ssh.
>> I can try the commands locally from living room, but
>> am pretty sure I get the same thing.
> I'm pretty sure you're going to see that it's not the same thing.  Open
> a terminal window in KDE on the machine that has mythtv
> installed on it.  Run it from there, not SSH.
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