[mythtv-users] Re: VIDIOSYNC error messages (David Madsen)

David Madsen madsend at myrealbox.com
Thu Mar 6 05:39:56 UTC 2003

Thanks a lot.  I was really hoping someone out there might have had a
similar experience. I'll take a look at some of this.

Dave Madsen
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Subject: [mythtv-users] Re: VIDIOSYNC error messages (David Madsen)

> Hello David
> I've had similar problems on my 'proof of concept' hardware, which were
> (mostly) resolved by looking into the compatibility modes of bttv.
> I saw the following in my output from dmesg:
> bttv: driver version 0.7.105 loaded
> bttv: Host bridge needs ETBF enabled.
> bttv: Host bridge needs VSFX enabled.
> This led me to add the following to my /etc/modules.conf:
> options bttv card=xx radio=yy triton1=1 vsfx=1 bttv_verbose=2 bttv_debug=1
> irq_debug=1
> (where xx and yy are the right ones for your setup). The key entries are
> triton1 and vsfx, which are explained in README.quirks and Insmod.options
> the bttv source tree.
> Hope that helps (or at least gives you more to look at for the right
> Mike
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