[mythtv-users] rpms for Mandrake

skeeterskip skeeterskip at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 21:04:48 UTC 2003

KDE automatically logs in as root. When I look at rpm
files for mythtv, they say "root" as owner.

I can run freevo from this terminal and other programs
such as xawtv and my fm radio program as well. I'm
using SSH right now.

I'll try and post more later.

--- Ray Olszewski <ray at comarre.com> wrote:
> skeeter -- The most usual reason for getting the
> message you report 
> ("cannot connect to X server") is that the userid
> under which X is running 
> differs from the userid you try to start the program
> as. Please confirm 
> that after starting X, you are not su'ing to root or
> to mythtv in the 
> terminal window before trying to start mythfrontend.
> If that is not it, please post the complete output
> ... the actual command 
> that you type in the xterm and everything that
> mythfrontend (try that one, 
> not mythtv) posts in response to it. I very much
> suspect we are all missing 
> something "obvious" here, even if I've guessed the
> wrong "obvious" thing 
> above.
> This sounds much more like an X problem than a
> MythTV problem, in any case. 
> Can you start other X applications -- xine, xawtv,
> or whatever you happen 
> to have around ... even Xeyes would serve for a test
> -- from this same xterm?
> At 11:40 AM 3/5/2003 -0800, skeeterskip wrote:
> >Michael,
> >
> >I run either one of those commands and get the same
> >error message.
> [old stuff deleted]
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