[mythtv-users] House of Cards -> New Linux Install

Jeremy Oddo joddo at apixels.net
Thu Mar 6 05:04:55 UTC 2003

The videos option does not have an icon in the theme, so you are no
different than anyone else.  I made an icon for my videos menu (you
can do it in gimp or photoshop).

I think the problem you are describing has to do with input focus and the
window manager.  There was a patch posted earlier today to the list.

Play control is a function of mapping your remote to mplayer keyboard commands.
If you are using a keyboard skip forward is right arrow, key backward is left.

BTW I patched my mythvideo yesterday to add playlist selection from the
current directory, should I submit it?

> On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 11:21:31AM -0800, usenet at wingert.org wrote:
> > I've done this with my MythTV.  I am using TiVos for SD-MPEG conversion so
> > I don't want the TV module or the backend.
> > 
> > in MC/programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp
> > comment out the line
> > gContext->ConnectServer(server, port);
> > 
> > Only run mythfrontend (do not run mythtv or mythbackend).
> > 
> > I also took out the TV icon out of mainmenu.xml  This is somewhat of a pain,
> > because setup (for mythweather) is in the TV menu.  I think each module
> > should have its own setup screen instead of depending on another module.
> > 
> > Maybe we can add this for a future release?  (ie no backend and configurations
> > inside the specific module)
> Thanks for the instructions, I still have a few problems.
> - The 'videos' item in the main menu does not have an icon
> - After exiting the videos module the menu doesn't respond to keyboard input 
>   anymore.
> - how do I stop/pause/rewind/forward the video when it's playing.
> Tom
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