[mythtv-users] MythWeb Mobile

Emil Friis mythtv at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 4 19:47:00 UTC 2003

For now I was just thinking of doing mythweb mobile for remote management of
myth, but it had crossed my mind to use a PDA as a remote, maybe hooked up
through WI-FI.

The new Recorded feature of mythweb uses that protocol to get info about and
delete recorded programs, so it should be possible to connect to the backend.
The only question is if it is possible to make requests to the backend on
behalf of the frontend without completely messing the frontend up (if I
change the channel with my PDA will the actual mythfrontend be aware of
that?). A better way might be to add functionality to the API on the frontend
box and then use the PDA to change channel on the frontend which then uses
standard communication to the backend. This would actually also be a perfect
use for a 3Com Audrey.

Maybe someone who knows the backend/frontend API can comment?


On Tuesday 04 March 2003 12:57, you wrote:
> > When creating mythmobile I would be hesitant to just reformat the
> > existing  mythweb to a smaller screen format. Limited screen realestate,
> > limited  bandwitdth and input mechanisms that are usually somewhat of a
> > pain to use  makes it extremely important to focus the architecture on
> > specific tasks that  would be performed remotely as opposed to a simple
> > port of all standard  functionality.
> Yes, I agree.  It is funny you are bringing this up now.  I was thinking
> last week that using my zaurus as a smart remote control could be a great
> solution to the problem of not being able to read the program guide from
> my lazy boy.
> I don't think a port of the standard functionality would work.  What I
> envision would be something like a split version of the current
> mythfrontend where the menus are displayed on the handheld, but the video
> is displayed on the television.
> I wonder how easy it would be to implement a subset of the frontend code
> from scratch to do this.  It would depend I imagine on how complex the
> protocol between the frontend and the backend are.

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