[mythtv-users] MythWeb Mobile

Dwight Hubbard dhubbard at dwightandamy.com
Tue Mar 4 17:57:24 UTC 2003

> When creating mythmobile I would be hesitant to just reformat the
> existing  mythweb to a smaller screen format. Limited screen realestate,
> limited  bandwitdth and input mechanisms that are usually somewhat of a
> pain to use  makes it extremely important to focus the architecture on
> specific tasks that  would be performed remotely as opposed to a simple
> port of all standard  functionality.

Yes, I agree.  It is funny you are bringing this up now.  I was thinking
last week that using my zaurus as a smart remote control could be a great
solution to the problem of not being able to read the program guide from
my lazy boy.

I don't think a port of the standard functionality would work.  What I
envision would be something like a split version of the current
mythfrontend where the menus are displayed on the handheld, but the video
is displayed on the television.

I wonder how easy it would be to implement a subset of the frontend code
from scratch to do this.  It would depend I imagine on how complex the
protocol between the frontend and the backend are.

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