[mythtv-users] mythtv and german television

Alessio Sangalli alesan at manoweb.com
Wed Mar 5 18:36:29 UTC 2003

I use the MSI KT4V + Athlon XP 1900+ for better performance, but I have 
problem to make it working.
This motherboard is using VIA KT400 chipset, which is not upported in 
RedHat 8.0 with it's default kernel 2.4.18-14, so I did install new 
2.4.21pre5 kernel.
After starting xawtv there is no picture, but sound is OK. Only way to 
make xawtv workable is to use option -remote.
MythTV is also not working. On mythbackend console was displayed only 
these lines:

Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
audio volume set to '32768'
opened vbi device
strange error flushing buffer ...

I was checking, if there are no errors in /var/log/messages and 
everithing looks OK.
When I put disk from this machine into PIII 800 + Abit BX133-RAID, and 
boot up kernel 2.4.21pre5, the xawtv and MythTV works fine.
Has anybody expirience with TV cards and VIA KT 400 chipset?

Thanks for help.

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