[mythtv-users] damaged/corrupt nuv file???

Andrew Peabody mythtvfan at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 4 06:02:49 UTC 2003

>From: Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com>
>Well that's -40 sec to +85 sec. so unless you stared at this
>for a very long time, that's more than drift ;-). So either
>the timecodes are damaged in the recording or some variable
>is being damaged during playback. Here is a different debug
>line to check if it is in the recording or playback.
>The first column should increase by either 33 or 34 over the
>previous frame. After the first couple seconds, the second
>column should be + or - 20 of the first column. If either
>column changes by thousands or more from frame to frame,
>please do send me 100 to 200 lines starting a few lines before
>the event.
>If you see bogus numbers in the first column, please rerun the
>same section to see if it reports the exact same sequence of
>numbers in the first column each time.
>--  bjm

Sorry it took me a few days to get around to this.

Ok I ran it on the bad file with both debug outputs added, I can change this 
and rerun it if you like, I didn't know if the extra information would be 

It looks like the two runs had diffrent values, also, for the first few 
second the values in the second column look reasonable, then they go off the 
scale.  When I ran a normal file they were close in value like you said.  
Does this mean the file is encoded wrong?



Try 1 (shorter)

TimeCodes104    -38073
AveSync Delay38177000
Delaying to next trigger: 12753168
TimeCodes139    -60322
AveSync Delay60461000
Delaying to next trigger: 20184088
TimeCodes171    -43389
AveSync Delay43560000
Delaying to next trigger: 14550396
Changing from WatchingPreRecorded to None
TimeCodes205    -26262
AveSync Delay26467000
Delaying to next trigger: 8852710
TimeCodes238    -26057
AveSync Delay26295000

Run 2

TimeCodes104    -52521
AveSync Delay52625000
Delaying to next trigger: 17567198
TimeCodes139    -60098
AveSync Delay60237000
Delaying to next trigger: 20109411
TimeCodes171    -43267
AveSync Delay43438000
Delaying to next trigger: 14509723
TimeCodes205    -26143
AveSync Delay26348000
Delaying to next trigger: 8813071
TimeCodes238    -9174
AveSync Delay9412000
Delaying to next trigger: 3167695
TimeCodes271    4524
AveSync Delay-4253000
TimeCodes305    4527
AveSync Delay-4222000
TimeCodes338    4530
AveSync Delay-4192000
TimeCodes371    4533
AveSync Delay-4162000
TimeCodes405    4536
AveSync Delay-4131000
TimeCodes438    4540
AveSync Delay-4102000
TimeCodes472    4543
AveSync Delay-4071000
TimeCodes505    4546
AveSync Delay-4041000
TimeCodes538    -345798806
AveSync Delay-2093006976
TimeCodes572    -345798796
AveSync Delay-2092982976
TimeCodes605    -345798787
AveSync Delay-2092958976
TimeCodes638    -345798784
AveSync Delay-2092928976
TimeCodes672    -345798780
AveSync Delay-2092898976
TimeCodes705    -345798777
AveSync Delay-2092868976
TimeCodes739    -345798774
AveSync Delay-2092837976
TimeCodes772    -345798770
AveSync Delay-2092808976
TimeCodes805    -345798767
AveSync Delay-2092778976
TimeCodes839    -345798764
AveSync Delay-2092747976
TimeCodes872    -345798760
AveSync Delay-2092718976
TimeCodes905    -345798756
AveSync Delay-2092689976
TimeCodes939    -345798753
AveSync Delay-2092658976
TimeCodes972    -345798749
AveSync Delay-2092629976
TimeCodes1005   -345798746
AveSync Delay-2092599976
TimeCodes1039   -345798743
AveSync Delay-2092568976
TimeCodes1072   -345798740
AveSync Delay-2092538976
TimeCodes1106   -345798736
AveSync Delay-2092508976
TimeCodes1139   -345798733
AveSync Delay-2092478976
TimeCodes1172   -345798729
AveSync Delay-2092449976
TimeCodes1206   -1561248328
AveSync Delay-2118561744
TimeCodes1239   -1561248325
AveSync Delay-2118531744
TimeCodes1272   -1561248321
AveSync Delay-2118502744
TimeCodes1306   -1561248318
AveSync Delay-2118471744
TimeCodes1339   -1561248315
AveSync Delay-2118441744
TimeCodes1373   -1561248312
AveSync Delay-2118410744
TimeCodes1406   -1561248309
AveSync Delay-2118380744
TimeCodes1439   -1561248306
AveSync Delay-2118350744
TimeCodes1473   -1561248302
AveSync Delay-2118320744
TimeCodes1506   -1561248299
AveSync Delay-2118290744
TimeCodes1539   -1561248296
AveSync Delay-2118260744
TimeCodes1573   -1561248293
AveSync Delay-2118229744
TimeCodes1606   -1561248290
AveSync Delay-2118199744
TimeCodes1640   -1561248286
AveSync Delay-2118169744
TimeCodes1673   -1561248283
AveSync Delay-2118139744
TimeCodes1706   -1497730961
AveSync Delay-1210919304
TimeCodes1740   -1497730958
AveSync Delay-1210888304
TimeCodes1773   -1497730955
AveSync Delay-1210858304
TimeCodes1806   -1497730952
AveSync Delay-1210828304
TimeCodes1840   -1497730949
AveSync Delay-1210797304
TimeCodes1873   -1497730946
AveSync Delay-1210767304
TimeCodes1907   -1497730942
AveSync Delay-1210737304
TimeCodes1940   -1497730939
AveSync Delay-1210707304
TimeCodes1973   -1497730936
AveSync Delay-1210677304
TimeCodes2007   -1497730933
AveSync Delay-1210646304
TimeCodes2040   -1497730930
AveSync Delay-1210616304
TimeCodes2073   -1497730926
AveSync Delay-1210587304
TimeCodes2107   -1497730923
AveSync Delay-1210556304
TimeCodes2140   -1497730920
AveSync Delay-1210526304
TimeCodes2173   -1497730917
AveSync Delay-1210496304
TimeCodes2207   -1497730914
AveSync Delay-1210465304
TimeCodes2240   -1497730911
AveSync Delay-1210435304
TimeCodes2274   -1497730907
AveSync Delay-1210405304
TimeCodes2307   -1497730904
AveSync Delay-1210375304
TimeCodes2340   -1497730901
AveSync Delay-1210345304
TimeCodes2374   -2109080668
AveSync Delay254099664
Delaying to next trigger: 84729418
TimeCodes2407   -2109080598
AveSync Delay254062664
Delaying to next trigger: 84718021
TimeCodes2440   -1321036923
AveSync Delay-1810564168
TimeCodes2474   -1321036920
AveSync Delay-1810533168
TimeCodes2507   -1321036917
AveSync Delay-1810503168
TimeCodes2541   -1321036914
AveSync Delay-1810472168
TimeCodes2574   -1321036911
AveSync Delay-1810442168
TimeCodes2607   -1321036908
AveSync Delay-1810412168
TimeCodes2641   -1321036904
AveSync Delay-1810382168
TimeCodes2674   -1321036901
AveSync Delay-1810352168
TimeCodes2707   -1321036898
AveSync Delay-1810322168
TimeCodes2741   -1321036895
AveSync Delay-1810291168
TimeCodes2774   -1321036892
AveSync Delay-1810261168
TimeCodes2808   -1321036888
AveSync Delay-1810231168
TimeCodes2841   -1321036885
AveSync Delay-1810201168
TimeCodes2874   -1321036882
AveSync Delay-1810171168
TimeCodes2908   -1321036879
AveSync Delay-1810140168
TimeCodes2941   -1321036876
AveSync Delay-1810110168
TimeCodes2974   -1321036873
AveSync Delay-1810080168
TimeCodes3008   -1321036869
AveSync Delay-1810050168
TimeCodes3041   -1321036866
AveSync Delay-1810020168
TimeCodes3074   -1321036863
AveSync Delay-1809990168
TimeCodes3108   -1774156249
AveSync Delay337863752
Delaying to next trigger: 112650982

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