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Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Wed Mar 5 16:41:54 UTC 2003

I recently upgraded my myth box with some new hardware. Specifically a new
motherboard, and a SB Live!.  Ever since I have, I can't seem to get mythtv
to run properly.  Sometimes it will come up running ok for a minute or so,
then starts scrolling


error messages on the console.  It seems that it has something to do with
the sound drivers, but I don't know where to go from here.  Anyone here
having success with a SB live?  I have also tried the onboard sound card
with similar problematic results.  it's an ensonic 5880 AudioPCI something
or other.  I have tried the alsa 0.9 rc7 drivers for both cards, and the
built in oss drivers for the SB Live.  Anyone know what may be causing these

The syslog also sometimes will get strange errors

bttv:  irq: SCERR ...
bttv:  irq: OCERR..

I have checked all the cards, and have eliminated any irq sharing between
the sound/video/capture cards as well.  Ideas?

I'm still running off of ver 0.7 still although It doesn't seem like this is
a problem with the myth code.

Dave Madsen
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> >
> >         It does seem strange that the mythtv doc (section 6.4) shows
> > slightly different ways of running mc.sql for different distributions
> > (eg, "su; mysql" versus "mysql -u root").  Does the distribution
> > really make a difference?
> >
> it was arbitrary. Robert wrote the mandrake docs, and I wrote the red
> hat docs. I used what worked for me the first time through. mysql -u
> root (and -p if you have a root password set) works fine too.
> cedar
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