[mythtv-users] Minimizing a Distribution

Thczv F. Thczv thczv at haddockfamily.org
Tue Mar 4 01:06:24 UTC 2003

> 3. All the TV-out issues ... and remember that many TV-out
> systems (Matrox,  ATI, nVidea) require specialized
> framebuffers, X drivers, &/or control apps  (matroxset,
> nvtv). The Matrox framebuffer patches for enabling  TV-out are
> specific to kernel 2.4.19 (and 2.5.something_or_other) ... are
> we willing to live with that kernel restriction indefinitely, or
> "MythOS" need to include multiple kernel choices?

Is there a FAQ for this somewhere?  I have an ATI XPERT LCD that I
am attempting to use because it has a tv-out, and was cheap.  It
has the Rage LT Pro chip on it.  I can view live tv fine on my
monitor, but the image is distorted on my tv.  (It works fine in
Windows).  I am sure there is a time-tested method for tweaking
this to fix the tv-out, if I can just find it.


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