[mythtv-users] using themes on a 640x480 display

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Mon Mar 3 23:15:29 UTC 2003

I fear that I am once again missing something obvious ... but I am missing 
it nonetheless.

The background.png files for all the MythTV themes I have checked are 
800x600, and the associated XML files for the buttons use all of that real 
estate. My display uses the TV-out capability of a Matrox video card, and 
is limited to 640x480. Not surprisingly, an 800x600 theme doesn't display 
well on a 640x480 screen.

What am I missing to make this work? (I don't see this discussed in the 
Installation Guide or the FAQ, and if it's in the list archive, I'm not 
finding it there either.)

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