[mythtv-users] rpms for Mandrake

skeeterskip skeeterskip at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 19:40:56 UTC 2003

Part of what makes SCSI disks so much faster in high load situations is
that the data doesn't have to pass through the CPU as it does under IDE.
Buying a faster CPU or a 7200rpm IDE disk won't alter this truth.

I'm often surprised at how much of my laptop's CPU is consumed by tasks
like burning CDs.  It stands to reason that Myth imposes much higher load.

If you can't afford big SCSI, I bet you'd still benefit from putting your
LiveTV buffer on a small SCSI disk and using cheap IDE for recordings.

#if Watteel Pascal /* Mar 03, 12:31 */
> I noticed that it's better to buy a faster hd then a faster cpu...
> I used to have a quatum 15GB ata66 drive... In the same pc... 
> Then the performance was terrible... With the scsi drives mythtv
> rocks....
> Ps you don't have to buy scsi ... But the latest ide drives will do just
> fine... But no 5400rpm disk.. Go for 7200.
#endif /* pascal.watteel at winlin.be */

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