[mythtv-users] Non-continuous picture when watching TV in MythTV

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Mon Mar 3 11:18:35 UTC 2003

At 3-3-03 12:04, Juraj Pisarcik wrote:
>TV picture in xawtv is fine, but in MythTV it's not continuous. Load of my 
>machine is realy high.
>I'm using PIII-800, Abit BX133-RAID, Matrox G450, Dart TV radio Live (Bt878).
>What I have to do for better performance? It's looking like problems with 
>time synchronization.

Buy a better machine. I have an Athlon 800, can do 320x200 with adequate 
performace, 480x480 with recording only. Without starting a long Intel/AMD 
discussion this should be about comparable to your CPU.

Read the mailing archives for a serious setup. When viewing liveTV you are 
coding and decoding at the same time, don't underestimate the processing 
power that requires. PC's just got to the point where they can handle this 
on a decent budget. A PIII-800

The performance has _nothing_ in common with xawtv, which just grabs data 
from the BTTV driver and stuffs it on your XV display. MythTV is a real PVR 
which is always timeshifting, if you just want to view TV then use a 
TV-program like xawtv.


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