[mythtv-users] TV_grab & filldatabase

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Mon Mar 3 10:37:58 UTC 2003

At 3-3-03 11:23, Watteel Pascal wrote:
>/usr/local/bin/mythfilldatabase --file 1 7 /tmp/tv.xml --manual

I define 7 because i have 7 days in my file...
>1 because you guys asked me... But i still think i should be default in
>my case...
Remember I wrote those options as a kludge, no guarantees, as support for 
people like us who don't have a mythtv-supported grabber. It was never 
meant to work easy or foolproof.

The 7 means "import the 7th day from now on". Probably not what you want. I 
think you's want "-1", meaning "anything in the xml-file".
So the complete options should be:

         mythfilldatabase --xawchannels 1 ~/.xawtv
         mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 xmlfile.xml

(With the filenames replaced with your actual settings).

Also _VERY_IMPORTANT_: Be sure your names in the xawtv file match _exactly_ 
those used by your grabber. Don't include spaces, and match case as well as 

>Ps the option --xawchannels works with the option default as sourceid...
Could be, don't have the source here. But you should try with '1', as maybe 
it justs inserts records named "default" instead of "1" in the database. If 
that is the case it would run without errors, but the inserted records 
would be useless to you.

Maybe you can find some other info on my site that will help you:


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