[mythtv-users] TV_grab & filldatabase

Watteel Pascal pascal.watteel at winlin.be
Mon Mar 3 09:29:26 UTC 2003

I use the lates cvs.

I've written a python script that gets belgian listings and formats them
in xml.
I'be tried to make it xmltv compatible... And i think i have done a
great job.
If i run it from console... Tv_grab_be --days=7 it gets the listings for
7 days..
I've already put in the mysql database the grabber...
But then when i run mythfilldatabase it says this grabber is not

So i thouth lets use the the option --xawchannels... To get the channels
and then use the option --file to use the file i create by using
tv_grab_be --days=7 > /tmp/tv.xml
It works well expect the option xawchannels always start at id 0 and i
want it to be 1

Second the option --file doesn's seem to do anything...

This is a small section from my tv.xml file

<channel id="1">
    <display-name lang="nl">TV1</display-name>
  <programme start="200303031000 +0000" stop="200303031200 +0000"
    <title lang="nl">Donna op TV1</title>
    <category lang="nl">muziek</category>
  <programme start="200303031235 +0000" stop="200303031300 +0000"
    <title lang="nl">Blokken</title>
    <category lang="nl">spelprogramma</category>

Do i do something wrong....

If i use the --file option like this...

./mythfilldatabase --file default 0 /tmp/tv.xml --manual
### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file
### Running in manual channel configuration mode.
### This will ask you questions about every channel.

But for the rest nothing happens...
Please advice


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