Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Sun Mar 2 14:10:23 UTC 2003

> Van: Ken Davis <kdavis at cfl.rr.com>
> Specifically I use Virtual Dub(to frame serve the .avi) and TMPGEnc Plus
> 2.5(to re-size and encode to .mpg)

I think that's what most people are against, the nuv file is MPEG4 (DivX),
so will probably fit on a CD anyways (depends on your bitrate). But indeed
converting to (S)VCD (MPEG2/MPEG1) makes it playable in a plain vanilla

How's the picture quality? I mean: can you (..clearly..) see the difference
during playback on your TV?

	Henk Poley <><

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