[mythtv-users] More errors running setup

Weaver, Charles cweaver at fgcu.edu
Mon Mar 3 20:35:12 UTC 2003

Thanks for the suggestion.  Love that mysqldump backup feature.

Well, I did a  "urpmi php-mysql" (Mandrake's rpm) and it ran out and grabbed
the latest and installed it:

    "installing /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/php-mysql-4.2.3-1mdk.i586.rpm"

and all seemed to go fine.  Re-ran my web page and still get:

   "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in
/var/www/html/htdocs/myMythWebDirectory/db_open.php on line 20"

So, tried reconfiguring PHP with "./configure --with-mysql --with-apxs" and
then make / make install and still the same message.

I'm sure I'm close here!  Any other suggestions?


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> Once you have a good backup of all your data with:
> mysqldump -u mythtv --password=mythtv mythconverg > mythtv.db
> you would install an extra package that includes the software
> that allows PHP to act as a client requesting data from your
> mysql database. This should not replace any of the database
> server or stored data. After you verify that your backup file
> looks okay, scope out:
> I don't use Mandrake myself so I can't verify that this is
> the right version for you. However, this is the Apache add
> on that allows PHP to make connections to MySQL.
> Hope this helps,
> --  bjm
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