[mythtv-users] OT: Bell ExpressVU/EchoStar and LIRC

Matt White whitem at arts.usask.ca
Mon Mar 3 03:42:12 UTC 2003

I've been playing with MythTV for a while now, and it's fantastic.  At 
this point I only have one real problem, and it's not even related to 
MythTV.  However, I'm hoping someone else here has encountered the same
problem and has come up with an answer.

Currently, I have a single input card which is connected to a brand-new
Bell ExpressVU receiver (model 3100).  I have an ActiSys ACT-IR200L 
dongle that I would like to use with LIRC to change channels on the 
receiver.  Unfortunately, I'm having some serious problems with that. 
The remote definition that comes with LIRC (for EchoStar) almost works - 
some numbers (1 and 4, anyways) send reliably, but everything else does 
not.  Learning the remote using irrecord doesn't work at all (it won't 
detect the space length).

ExpressVU uses the same systems as EchoStar's Dish Network (I believe 
that the 3100 is equivalent to the Dish DP301).  So - has anyone got 
this combination working properly with LIRC?  If so, please drop me an 
email (or send it to the list if it may be of use to others).


Matt White                          whitem at arts.usask.ca
Arts and Science Computer Labs      University of Saskatchewan

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