[mythtv-users] Asus A7N266-VM was: Installed and Working

Mark Cooper mythtv-users at mcooper.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 1 10:21:59 UTC 2003

m0j0.j0j0 wrote:

> I have been using the machine without the NvAGP option. I have now set
> it to '1', but have yet to reboot the box. [Currently at work and I try
> to avoid rebooting boxes remotely ;) ]
> I thought that NvAGP would default to '3', which means that if AGPGART
> fails, the nVidia AGP stuff would automatically try to load. Is this not
> correct?
> What should NvAGP be set to?

Think your right that it defaults to 3 but I'd be interested to know if 
manually setting it to 1 or 2 has a positive effect :)

You use a Asus A7S333, right? Did you set both CONFIG_AGP and 
CONFIG_AGP_SIS when compiling your kernel?


Mark Cooper
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