[mythtv-users] Minimizing a Distribution

Nathan Ziarek nathan at ziarek.com
Sat Mar 1 00:20:41 UTC 2003

Someone a while back said that to upgrade Debian, you just need to run an
"apt-get" command, but a Linux friend of mine said that Debian is very hard
to install for a newbie, so I never tried it. However, I always thought that
having a super simple method of upgrading (especially with XMLTV breaking
all the time) would be ideal for those that are only using Myth with a

I am all for an OS customized to Myth Application, but, from my standpoint
at least, I would like something that is either very easy to install or has
great documentation (Myth right now isn't "easy" to install, but the docs
make up for that). 


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