[mythtv-users] SUCCESS: I've had EVERY SINGLE problem possible.

Albert Santoni GameGod at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 26 17:40:31 EST 2003

I finally did it. It finally started to work.

Here's my rig:
Chaintech 6BTM Mobo (440BX)
P3 - 500MHZ
256 Megs PC100 SDRAM
Two 20-Gig 5400 RPM drives
Asus GeForce 4 Ti4200
ATi TV-Wonder VE
SoundBlaster Audigy (MP3+)

Running Redhat 8.0 (no updates)...

    The majority of my MythTV problems were resultant of my soundcard
initially. At first, I had a SoundBlaster 128 (es1370 aka ens1370) in my
machine. The es1370 is an older version of it, and despite what anyone else
tells you, ALSA and OSS DO NOT LIKE this card in full duplex mode. I would
keep getting hangs when I would select "Watch TV"...
It would hang with "Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV".

Anyways, this was my final major stumbling block. I fixed it by sticking the
Audigy from my main rig into my MythTV box.

Most of my other problems were compile problems. Holy hell there were a lot
of things to install. Luckily, many of the dependencies were already
installed because I had already got Freevo (http://freevo.sf.net) to run.

I only have two remaining problems:
- MythTV doesn't like Gnome, and in KDE 3 I get the taskbar at the bottom of
my video...
- Lirc works with Freevo, but not with MythTV. Irxevent says it can't find a
config or something...

My advice to people who want to install MythTV?
- Try not to go with Redhat 8... It's not that good. Really.
- If you're installing Freevo, the MythTV installation docs are extremely
- ALSA isn't that difficult to install, follow the MythTV docs to victory.
- If you DO decide to go with Redhat 8, there is a great program called
"synaptic" that you should install. It goes to the internet to a repository
of RPMs for RH8 and you can just click and select what you wish to install.
(Very handy!)
(type su, then "rpm  -Uvh
It'll appear in your system menu somewhere...
- Many problems that you'll hear about won't exist anymore thanks to the
graphical setup. It makes everything go smooth. :)

Anyways, just wanted to share my experiences. I'm REALLY happy that I got
this to work.... Freevo and MythTV now both run like dreams (well... almost
I can get fairly good performance for LiveTV and recording in MythTV on my
P3-500, so don't be afraid to tweak your settings. :)

If anyone could clear up those two remaining problems, it would be great.


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