[mythtv-users] yet another question about using an IR Blaster

Mark Edwards irish at irishmark.co.uk
Fri Jun 13 22:27:05 EDT 2003

I created a start-up script that first does 'setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none'
Then inserts and removes and reinserts the module (lirc_sir) with io and irq
This was the only way to get my actisys 200l working.
It was a long, very long trial and error process.
Note: I could only get 0.6.6 to work as well

Messy tho this is at least the damn thing works now, It sends and recieves
signals for my pace NTL box fine.

good luck, and if you discover neater ways of getting it working let me know


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> I have an ACTiSYS 200 connected to ttyS1, to control a Motorola  DCT2000.
> All on a system running Debian-Sid.
> I believe I followed all the steps in the Myth HowTo for seting up LIRC to
> use this device, up to the point where it suggests using "irw" to test the
> serial port.
> At that point, I try to send commands from the command line, in the form:
> irsend SEND_ONCE gi-motorola-dct2000 ENTER
> (I try various commands, not just ENTER. "irsend" is the new name for the
> program formerly called "rc".)
> irsend exits without reporting an error. But ...
> Nothing is received at the DCT2000.
> irw (running on another console) shows nothing being sent.
> The interrupt count for IRQ3 does not increment.
> The correct lircd.conf file is in place. The lirc-sir module is loaded and
> associated with IRQ3, and the lircd daemon is running. The /dev/lircd
> socket is present.
> I saw calvin, about a week ago, post nearly the same description, and he
> got no response except for someone saying the ATCiSYS was junk. That
> response does not seem to address the symptoms (either mine or calvin's),
> since I would expect some things to happen (the IRQ being incremented and
> irw showing the transmission) even if *nothing* were connected to the
> serial port.
> Anyone see anything they recognize here? calvin, how did you ever get
> working (as your later message, raising the issue of latency in changing
> channels, implies you did)?
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