[mythtv-users] Working source for compiling lirc withmultipledevices...

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Jun 13 10:56:23 EDT 2003

Scott Blomfield wrote:
> Where did you buy these, and how much did they cost? I'm having
> difficulty sourcing them. I've found somewhere for US$29 but as it is
> the only place I can find, I'm not sure if that is a good deal or not...

The keyboard or the remote?

The remote I use is the Marantz RC2000mkII that I bought
about five years ago. It was state of the art, high end
equipment at the time and sold for over $200. This is still
one of my all time favorite gadgets. I'm sure there are other
brands and other models that may work but this is the only
remote that I can say works from my own experience.

I bought the remotes at Cambridge SoundWorks. I an surprised
to see they still sell these new ($140).


It looks like they are ~$50 on ebay.

For keyboards, I must have tried 6 or 7 wireless keyboards
before I found one I liked. The LiteOn Airboard Infrared
Wireless Keyboard stood out from the pack. The key to a good
wireless keyboard is the pointer device. This has a mini
joystick-like pointer that sits under your right thumb which
is very sensitive, consistent and comfortable to use. The
keyboard is light weight, compact, good range, and works
from a wide range of angles (you don't have to hold it in
one certain position to get it to work).

They retail for about $70. The last one I bought was at
PC Club about 6 months ago when they were on sale for $24.
PC Club apparently no longer carries these but you can still
find then online:


So to answer your question =), yes, $29 would be a good price
for this keyboard.

--  bjm

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