[mythtv-users] About ready to give up on g200

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Thu Feb 20 11:01:09 EST 2003

I've been fooling with this Marvel g200 for several days now, and I'm
just about ready to throw it out.  It just doesn't seem to work. I've
updated the Xfree drivers, I've built the mga drivers, and the card 1/2
works.  I can run the iv4l1 script and get TV; however, I get weird
artifacting all over the screen when I run the iv4l1. I've searched all
over the place and have come up short on answers, nothing I try changes
the problems.  I know several people are using this card, and I was
wondering if anybody else had these problems installing this card. Am I
missing something in my search?  I really want to use this card, so I
can have 2 tuners. I have no problem getting mythtv up with my ATI TV
Wonder.  I hate to keep nagging the list so this will be my last cry for
help.  I may just toss this card and live with one tuner card. I hate to
do that, but I'm getting close to fed up.


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