[mythtv-users] no channels in the Database

Markus Amann maamann at arcor.de
Mon Dec 8 16:08:24 EST 2003

> > sorry , but no problem here is a short output
> > home# mythfilldatabase --manual --xawchannels = /etc/X11/xawtvrc
> Wow.  Ok, he spends time telling you that = is not valid in that command
> line, that it's not in the help text, yet you still insist that it is?
> > OK maybe the last output gives some hints but i have no idea what or
> > where i have to look into , because i filled the databases .
> > is there a "force" command to overwrite the values in the database ?
> '=' is not a valid source id, so you did _not_ fill your database.  If
> you're going to ask for help, pay attention to the answers you get and
> don't insist that you're right and the person attempting to help you is
> wrong.  Also, you're using 0.11.  0.12 was released almost two months ago.
> Isaac

but then is the question why my database is filled with "someting" and it 
looks like that the command is valid . Why ?
And is it the same behaviour with or without a "=" in the command . Why ?

by the way i use 0.11 because there is no 0.12 available in debian pkg format.


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