[mythtv-users] Free AMD XP2000 Sent to your door.

Jonathon.Schmidt at sasktel.sk.ca Jonathon.Schmidt at sasktel.sk.ca
Wed Dec 3 14:55:38 EST 2003

My setup is as follows so alter to yours:  I have my line in plugged into
the MIC line so that is my capture line.
In Kmix you want to click on the red button below MIC then bring the volume
down to zero or mute it by checking the green circle above.  This has to be
at zero or else you will get continuous audio out.
All other levels can be at 50% or whatever is good for you.

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> mythtv wrote:
> > So I solved number 1&2 below, except when I mute line in, I can barely
> > the audio that is supposed to sync with the video.
> > When I un-mute, I hear 2 audios loud and clear,1-The synced audio 2-the
> > second delayed audio. How can I hear the Audio that is synced to the
> > loud and clear?
> The "Capture" volume is a separate slider than the volume for
> the Line to speaker. Mute Line and turn up to vol on the slider
> named "Capture". Some cards, like the SB Live! also have
> capture sliders for specific input sources. I need to turn up
> both "AC97 Cap" and "Capture" to get a normal volume.

3 issues:
I dont see a capture volume on kmix.
Also,the sound plays as normal for 1/2 sec then goes mute.
When I mute the line in and close kmix, it automatically lowers the lin-in
volume to 0.
When I re-open kmix, it is set at 0. I tried other volume controlls, but
they all do it.

> > #2 was due to max and min bitrate sliders being way too high. The
higher it
> > goes, the more pixels.
> > Anyone have the default settings that originally were set in myth?
> Defaults are 2,15,3. The 3 for the difference never needs to
> be changed. The "severe consequences" warning was after several
> people shot themselves in the foot and I'd actually toned this
> down from an even nastier message by mdz =). If these values
> are out of line for the bitrate, bad things happen. Think of
> these as boundary markers. They don't make the picture better,
> they tell the encoder when to believe things are out of whack.
> If you raise the bitrate, you can use proportionally lower numbers
> for the min. Here is what I currently use for my software profiles
> Default 480x480 4000 scaled 2,9,3
> Live TV 400x480 5000 scaled 1,6,3
> High    544x480 5500 scaled 1,6,3
> Low     352x480 2700 scaled 2,15,3, high-quality encoding

So you use 2 as the max number? I guess I dont follow.
What other settings do you have on? There are 3 check marks on that page to
make the quality better. Do you have any o those checked?

What is better quality MPEG4 or rtjpeg?

I dont understand the transcoding page under set-up.
Why are there options for "automatically transcode after recording" on
every transcoding page.
How does mythtv know which one to pick if you enable that on all the
transcoding option you set-up?

What is the putpose of transcoding after recording? does it give better
picture quality? Why not just record at those options in the first place?

> >>3) How I can convert the .nuv files MPEG4 and rtJPEG into mpeg2 DVD
> >>quality files.
> I hope you mean "resolution". There is no way to make broadcast
> television into DVD "quality". However, you can transcode the
> files to mpeg2 files but they won't be better than the recording.

I have been trying to use transcode, but I keep gettin file not recognized
errors. Can you giveme a few sample scripts that are known to work in
converting to mpeg2 and DVD .VOB files?

> >>4) How I can get the picture out of my nvidia mx440 to my TV.
> If your nvidia card has an s-video TV-out and your TV has an
> s-video in, simply plug it in and follow the README that comes
> with the Linux drivers from www.nvidia.com . Use the 4363 version.
> Most of the important stuff goes in the device section for the
> video card in your XF86Config-4
> Section "Device"
>         Identifier      "Generic Video Card"
>         Driver          "nvidia"
>         Option          "TVOverScan" "0.7"
>         Option          "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"
>         Option          "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"
>         Option          "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
>         Option          "RenderAccel" "1"
>         Option          "NoLogo" "true"
> EndSection

I have the nvidia drivers downloaded and installed for my monitor.
How do I tell my card to output the picture on the tv?
> >>5) Remote control of mythtv either through the tv, or some other way(My
> >>linux is in the basement, directly beneath the TVin the living room).
> [If the computer is in another room, you are going to want
> to have keyboard access from the TV room one way or another.
> You won't want to walk downstairs every time you need to hit
> a key on the keyboard.]
> I use wireless IR keyboards and learning remote controls. I
> teach the remote "P" from the keyboard for the pause button,
> "]" for volume up, 1 is, well, 1, etc. The remote then sends
> what appear to be keyboard keystrokes to the keyboard's IR
> receiver. No need for LIRC and I can set buttons on the remote
> to do other things beyond just controlling myth.

so myth is on 100% of the time I guess. I dont have a wireless IR keyboard.
How can i program a normal remote? Do I need to have some kind of receiver
plugged into my usb or something?

I wish could have gotten my winfast xp2000 working cause it had a built in
reciever on the card its self.  I couldnt figure Out why I had no
television input showing any tv, only composites
howing 1 channel.
I may plug it in and have 2 in there. How hard is it to set-up the second
card without screwing up the first card that has all the channels tuned in,

Also, is it more beneficial to have my digital cable box intercept the
signal and have that box input the cable into my PVR card? I mean is the
picture clearer and would it look like a normal television?  How hard would
it be to have myth control the digital cable box?



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