[mythtv-users] actisys fustration....

chris john chrisj314 at free-thoughts.net
Fri Apr 18 20:41:04 EDT 2003

I'm running mandrake 9.1 ... I just bought an actisys ir blaster. Its a 200L. 
I compiled lirc 6.6 picking the actisys 200l and com port 2 ( since this is 
the port it seems to work on in windows..) then i changed the line in 
modules.conf to alias char-major-61 lirc_sir 
depmod -a
then i did a setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none
i figured i should use ttyS1 since i'm using com2.
then i did a modprobe lirc_sir
then i said /usr/local/sbin/lircd
then i did irw
and nothing happens it just drops back to the command line. I check my syslog 
and messages files for messages and there nothing there. Not a thing from 
lirc.  I'm interested in knowing what line other people with the acisys have 
in there modules.conf file when it comes to lirc. Also what am i doing 
wrong?... I have every other part of my mythtv setup working except this. 
I've never had much luck with lirc before. So if anyone has any pointers i 
would appreciate it. thanks.... feel free to email me if you want.... i'm 
pulling my hair out here....i tried to follow the directions in the 
Documentation as much as possible...

chris john

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