[Mythtv-translators] Απ: ANNOUNCE: Please update translations for upcoming v30 release

Yianni Vidalis yiannividalis at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 10 12:00:16 UTC 2018

Hi, Nick,

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like I'll be busy translating this Christmas!


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Προς: Discussion about MythTV translation
Θέμα: [Mythtv-translators] ANNOUNCE: Please update translations for upcoming v30 release

Dear fellow translators,

A reminder that the next version of MythTV, v30, is due for release
early in the New Year.

Translatable strings are unlikely to change now, so it is an ideal
time to update translations across our supported languages.

You can see the current state of our translations here:


Full details of contributing to our translations can be found on the
following wiki page:


If you are able to contribute updates, please open a Pull Request (PR)
with your proposed updates against the official MythTV repository on
Github (https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv). The PR should be referenced
in a tracking ticket (details given on wiki page). Alternatively, feel
free to add your patches directly to a new Translation ticket (again,
see wiki page)

@Translation Teams

If you are currently listed on the wiki page as an active maintainer
but no longer have the capacity to provide further updates and wish to
be removed, please let me know and I'll update the wiki page (and our
thanks for your existing contributions).

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