[Mythtv-translators] Couple of questions about .25 strings

ikke ikke at iki.fi
Wed Mar 14 19:09:20 UTC 2012


I run into some weird English strings while doing the Finnish
translation. Any ideas about the following meanings:

1. what do you think this note means:

"Enter the IP address of this machine. Use an externally accessible
address (ie, not if you are going to be running a frontend
on a different machine than this one. Note, in IPv6 setups, this is
still required for certain extras such as UPnP."

What is "still required"? Local address or IP setting in general?

2. What are the "The Video video manager/browser/listing/gallery etc..."?

Is that double video a mistake, or why is it in double?
programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp +1338

3. what are the services in htmlstrings

I don't get what is the meaning of word service in "Video Library
Service", "Myth Service", "Guide Service" etc... e.g. in
html/htmlstrings.h +64

Is that a service as "car service", a menu where you fix settings, or
a service as provided to users over net or something?

I'm asking these as I don't have .25 installed yet and I'm translating
just the source without chance to see it in action. Please answer if
you know the meaning of the strings. Still 550 strings to go,

 - ikke

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