[Mythtv-translators] have we had a fight between directory vs. folder yet?

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Wed Apr 11 00:51:49 UTC 2012

Hi Ilkka!

On 4/10/2012 4:17 PM, ikke wrote:
> while I finished Finnishing the .25, I checked few words that caught
> my attention. One of them being folder. Is it more usual nowadays to
> call the directories as folders, or do you still use directories? I
> tend to fall back to directory, but it seems non geeks might better
> understand folders.

While many people use both words interchangeably, there is actually a 
difference in meaning between the two...

Directory actually refers to the disk structure while folder refers to a 
visual representation, a place where you can put documents.

Non geeks usually use the word "folder" because they are less familiar 
with "what's under the hood" and mostly see these as places where to 
store documents which is were the (file) folder analogy really shines...

Somehow I have a feeling this question is related to this commit:


(I said MythArchive in the commit but I actually wanted to say 

where I replaced "directory" for "folder" where "folder" was used to 
refer to a place to store documents. In the case of MythGallery this was 
actually a "no brainer" as I know at least some themes show little 
(file) folders to let you navigate them.

I only replaced "directory" for "folder" where it referred something 
which was visually shown to the user not where we where referring to the 
place the files where stored on disk where I kept the word "directory". 
Under normal circumstances a normal user should normally see "folder" 
unless something has not been set correctly (or similar reasons).

> Should they be changed through the mythtv to be
> either one consistently?

I think they should if they refer to something that's visually shown to 
the user (but we should keep "directory" when we refer to the place 
where the files are actually stored).

I mostly focused on MythGallery this time but if the problem is present 
elsewhere I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be much of a problem to fix it 
(depending on where the problem is I might have to get some OKs from the 
devs involved but that's about it...).

Please keep in mind though that while we do have control over string 
that are in the source code and the default themes it is possibly for a 
themer to continue to use the word "directory" where the word "folder" 
would be more appropriate....

Have a nice day!


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