[Mythtv-translators] utf8 error in themestrings.h?

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Mon Apr 9 18:19:25 UTC 2012

Hi Ilkka!
On 4/9/2012 1:57 PM, ikke wrote:
> What is this tested with? French?


> $ sed -n '904p' mythtv/themes/themestrings.h
>     ThemeUI::tr("Designed to show off some different element
> arrangements available in Myth 0.25.  Tested at 1280x720 and with
> Français");

This is supposed to be "Français" (the French word for French)...

This was the first time a string in a theme had something which was not 
US-ASCII so we had to correct the problem at multiple places (theme 
download, theme string extraction program, etc...).

I have a fix to correct it in the translation files but I have not 
applied it since it would have created a new string and we were already 
in hard string freeze. The fix will only be applied once compatibility 
between master and -fixes is broken (ie when it will no longer be 
possible to apply translation made against master to the -fixes branch 
without losing translations).

Have a nice day!


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