[Mythtv-translators] Translation and locale configurations

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Wed Oct 19 11:24:36 UTC 2011


On 10/18/2011 9:53 PM, Walter Cheuk wrote:
> 'd' and 'yyyy' etc. only give numeric values, in Chinese a proper date
> should be like 'yyyy年M月d日' where 年, 月 and 日 means 'year', 'month' and
> 'day' respectively. Also the time format is a bit different.
> So please add three date formats: 'dddd yyyy年M月d日', 'ddd M月d日' and
> 'M月d日' (they can be used for wide-screen, 4:3 screen and short format
> respectively) and a time format 'AP h:mm'. Also there is comma (,)
> between date and time on the front page of frontend, there is no need
> for that in Chinese, or selectively replaced by an extra space.
> One more question: Is it OK to format MythArchiveDateFormat like
> %Y年%m月%d日(%a) and MythArchiveTimeFormat like %p %I:%M? It seems that
> they are using GNOME variables.

Let me get back to you on this, I want to do some tests.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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