[Mythtv-translators] Translation and locale configurations

Walter Cheuk wwycheuk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 14:04:57 UTC 2011


Am doing translation for MythTV and got a few questions:

* Hong Kong's DTV uses language code 'chs' for subtitles to stand for
'Chinese (Simplified)', but now it is interpret as 'English'. I know
it's not a valid ISO code, but can we add it?
If adding it is not possible, please at least display it as
'(Unknown)' or something like that instead of 'English'.

* What's the difference between 'Recording has Subtitles Available'
and 'Recording is Subtitled'? (There are also used as different status
icons in the 'Watch Recordings' menu)

About locale configurations:

* Can we have a list of all configurable settings? For instance,
what's the setting names for 'signal timeout (ms)' and 'tuning timeout

* Can I add extra characters (Chinese characters, for example) to the
'date' or 'time' formats?

BTW, I spotted a bug: the clock on the front page of 'Terra' theme
does not follow the time format setting, while 'MythCenter' and
'MythCenter-wide' do not have this problem.

Thanks a lot,

Walter Cheuk

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